Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Spectators Launches "Project 1-2-3"

If you're a college football fan, I don't have to tell you the significance of today, May 1st. Spring ball is over for every FBS program. Your thoughts and excitement are focused on the fall. You're anxiously awaiting the season preview publications to arrive at your local magazine stand. The start of the 2011 college football season is exactly four months from today. The countdown to kickoff is 123 days.

With that in mind, today Special Spectators is launching, "Project 1-2-3".

Over the course of the next 123 days - each and every day - "Project 1-2-3" will be sharing 123 memorable moments, images and videos from the past nine years. There isn't any significance to the order of these moments. It's simple - 123 moments in 123 days. Creating for you, the reader, a range of emotions. A combination of 123 smiles, tears, laughs and moments of inspiration.

The Special Spectators blog will still provide updates as we prepare for the 2011 season and the source for big announcements. Here's a hint - we'll have some big announcements.

"Project 1-2-3" also has another objective. We hope to attract additional collegiate partners, hospitals, sponsors, volunteers and strategic partners to Special Spectators and by sharing these 123 memories, they'll realize that collaborating with Special Spectators is as easy as, you guessed it, 1-2-3.

So, on this first day of "Project 1-2-3" with 123 days until the start of the college football season, it only makes sense to share this video and picture from the very first event Special Spectators coordinated - a hospital visit by the 2002 Arizona Wildcat football team to University Medical Center in Tucson.