Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project 1-2-3: Day 10 - Rain or Shine

Note: Starting May 1st and continuing for the 123 days leading up to the start of the 2011 college football season, "Project 1-2-3" will share pictures, videos and memorable moments from the last nine years of Special Spectators game day events.

Mother Nature has been a friend to Special Spectators. Out of the 185 game day events we've hosted, it's estimated that less than 10 have been impacted by rainy weather. When the weather turns soggy, however, it doesn't dampen the kids' excitement.

September 13, 2008, Special Spectators was scheduled to host nearly 50 kids and parents from Chicago area hospitals at a Northwestern football game. Remnants from hurricane Ike dumped nearly seven inches of rain - a record rainfall for one day in Chicago. Highways were closed, viaducts were flooded and no route to the stadium was immune from at least one detour. What should have been a one hour drive for one family, turned into a three and a half hour excursion.

Some of our families stayed home, but about half of our gang made it to the pre-game tailgate party. All those who arrived, stayed until the game was over and met the Wildcats during a post-game visit. The players didn't disappoint! They made sure everyone had an autograph and spent time meeting and talking with the youngsters.

When you consider what some of the kids go through with their illness, being outside in a deluge that measures almost seven inches is nothing!