Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 1-2-3: Day 16 - College Football's Best Traditions

Note: Starting May 1st and continuing for the 123 days leading up to the start of the 2011 college football season, "Project 1-2-3" will share pictures, videos and memorable moments from the last nine years of Special Spectators game day events.

College football is known for its color, pageantry and traditions. Whether it's Chief Osceola riding Renegade or Traveler galloping around the Coliseum, Ralphie at Folsom Field or Bevo at Texas Memorial Stadium, the Vol Navy, doting the "i" in Script Ohio, The Walk, Howard's Rock - the list is endless.

We want to hear from you!

What is the greatest tradition in college football and why? Click here and give us your opinion. You may see some Special Spectators participating in that tradition in 2011.


  1. At Oklahoma State University, we have "The Walk". Orange clad fans line Hester street, from the Atherton Hotel (where the team stays) to Boone Pickens Stadium. As the team leaves the hotel, they are escorted by the university police, the band, and the spirit squad. Fans cheer as the players walk down the street and the band plays. As the last Cowboy walks by, the fans fall in line behind the team and create a sea of orange to the stadium. The Walk ends with a pep rally in front of the stadium.

    Another favorite tradition is our horse, Bullet, running on to the field after every touchdown. There is nothing like hearing the words "Here! Comes! Bullet!!!!!" and seeing that beautiful black horse take the field.

    I love being a Cowboy. GO POKES!

  2. Ohio State - Script Ohio. Best damn band in the land!