Monday, July 6, 2009

We Want to Hear from You - Part Two

Second in a series

If you've ever spent a good portion of a Saturday at a college football stadium, you know the tailgate party is almost as important as the game. Depending on the team you follow, it actually may be more important (and enjoyable) than what's happening on the field.

When Special Spectators volunteers plan our game day events for seriously-ill children and their families, more time is spent designing the tailgate party than any other aspect of the day. Tents, tables, chairs, grills and other supplies have to be coordinated. Visits by student-athletes,
cheerleaders, mascots and the marching band have to be scheduled. And of course, the menu must be planned.

Food can make or break the tailgate party. Okay, many of us would say the beverages can make or break the tailgate, but remember, our tailgates are G-rated for the kids. Hamburgers and hot dogs are always reliable standards, but we want to score a culinary touchdown. Plus, don't these kids deserve something better than ground scraps squeezed into a casing?

So, we turn to you - the serious tailgate
professionals to ask:

What are your favorite tailgate recipes?

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