Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Making of a Special Spectators Game Day Event: The Pre-Game

Third in a series on Special Spectators events

Once the tailgate is finished, the children start the real fun! At many events, the Special Spectators are given access to a game day experience that the average fan can only imagine. This includes tours of the locker room before the game, pre-game activities around the stadium, visits to the field, and more! To the right you see a picture of the University of Georgia mascot, Hairy. The three children at the UGA game in 2006 had the opportunity to get down on the field before the game and take pictures with the mascot!

At Georgia Tech, children had the opportunity to not only participate in the Yellow Jacket Walk, a walk that the football team makes on its way from the buses to the locker room, but kids also had the opportunity to take photographs with the cheerleaders and with Buzz the Yellow Jacket.

Following the photo shoot, the kids were introduced to the crowd and proceeded to their seats which were donated by Georgia Tech. The seats were located in one of the University's premium skyboxes and the kids had a wonderful time!

Also included in pre-game activities are locker room visits. The University of Oklahoma puts on a wonderful event and the children many times gain access to the locker room before the game. In addition, Coach Bob Stoops requests private time with the children in his office. On the right you see a picture of Special Spectators sitting with Coach Stoops in his office. What a tremendous opportunity for the kids-most fans would do anything to have that chance to meet Coach Stoops!

Finally, at many Special Spectators events, the children are able to get up-close to the field right up to the kickoff and after. At left you see two young children enjoying their time inside the hedges at the University of Georgia, just moments before kickoff.

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